Why are we here on this earth, what is our purpose, what is the reason? These days, I tell people wherever I go, there is only ONE reason we are on this earth.

Though I’ve listened to many sermons in my lifetime, this was something I never really heard or understood properly. Maybe my Spiritual ears were clogged at the time, but some years back I received my own revelation from the Spirit on the reason. Since then I’ve been ferociously studying and praying toward this mindset.

Before I disclose our purpose I must first say, all of us are at different stages in this process and at different levels of understanding, which is why we must be careful how we judge others who confess Jesus Christ as Savior. Each true believer is walking out their own life and may not be (in our opinion) as far along as we think we are.

This is a challenge for all of us, because in our culture people seem to think they have something to say about everybody and to give their opinions on everything. And on the most part it’s bad or negative!

The first thing one must know to even begin to understand their purpose, is knowing they have been Born Again by God’s Spirit, which is accepting the sacrifice Jesus made for humanity and acknowledging Jesus as the Lord of their life.

When one comes to Christ life changes, because we get delivered from the powers of darkness and transferred into the Kingdom of God’s dear Son. – Col. 1:13

The process of being Born Again can also be different for each of us, but the results are the same, A CHANGED LIFE. After this is settled, then begins the process of the reason and purpose we are on this earth: Being CONFORMED INTO THE IMAGE of JESUS CHRIST. – Rom. 8:29

Sometimes this process is not very pretty and sometimes it’s very painful, but there is a purpose behind it. This is the reason we are here on this earth my friends, to allow Him to do such a work in our life that we grow more and more into the fearless, strong, yet gentle, loving character of Jesus in our very being.

Along this process there will be great joy, mixed with heartbreaking setbacks maybe not even of our doing, but we must stay the course and see the checkered flag.

Coming from my competitive racing background, this has been a challenge. I’ve surely not been the perfect example of a Christian life at times, with some crashes and endos along the way, but I can confidently say, I’ve been racing on this road for a long while now and it’s getting better and easier to follow that still small voice each day.

What a privilege it is to walk with the Lord in these challenging times, knowing He’s always with His own. I hope when you look back you can see growth in your life, more and more and more into His image.

I’ll write on exactly what His image looks like next time!


I want to thank Scott Steger for the great photo of an awesome motorcycle. If I think of 1 factory RC to be my favorite, this is it. This RC works 500 was my most favorite to ever ride during all my (MX & RR) years with Team Honda!