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Steve’s authentic and personal approach to people and ministry, combined with his passion both for Christ and the lost, make him a very effective minister. You will, without a doubt, be blessed by Steve Wise and his ministry.

Randy Ayres

Lead Pastor, Cross Mountain Church

I don’t know how I started receiving email from you, but I thank God for them and for what Christ does through you and for me through them. They always seem to come to me when I need them the most or to affirm something I am thinking about in Christ. Thank you. Stay bold in Jesus Christ. Keep fighting the good fight of faith as I also will.

Love you, your brother in Christ.


Steve Wise is a minister of the gospel, not so much because he has a degree to prove it, but because he lives a life that reveals it. It was my privilege to develop a close friendship with Steve over a period of seven years when I served as his pastor. Steve believes part of his calling is to encourage and bless pastors. The thing I love best about Steve is how courageous he is in what he says, and how passionate he is in his desire to see people live a life of victory in Christ. I highly recommend Steve and his ministry.

Gary Singleton

Senior Pastor, The Heights Baptist Church

I saw a video of you preaching at Mr. Tripes race and I was impressed, you truly are not ashamed of the Gospel, how else will MX’ers hear the Gospel but by you, excellent job and glory to God!


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