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Moto Fellowship with Pastor Steve is a Ministry focused on spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. As an extension of the Church Steve continues to travel across the country sharing his faith at race tracks, motorcycle industry events, Churches and other venues.

Most weekends he can be found sharing the Good News somewhere throughout the Country. Join with Steve and become a partner with Moto Fellowship!

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A Message from Steve

During certain times in life we’re all challenged with various trials or distresses, but it’s only for our good and to direct our growth in true Faith. God surely has used certain hardships and disciplines in my life to help mold me more into His character over the years. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. When we listen and follow the Holy Spirit’s leading, what develops through these hard times is a growing confidence of our spiritual sonship and a knowing that we’re a child of The Eternal King. The overall outcome is full of peace and great joy!

What Others Are Saying about Steve

"How about pastor Steve Wise? I mean one of - if not 'the' greatest motorcycle racer in the history of racing... and he takes the time out each and every week to preach the word. Because of Steve, I realized what's missing in my life...."

Niky M.

"Steve Wise is a minister of the gospel, not so much because he has a degree to prove it, but because he lives a life that reveals it… I highly recommend Steve and his ministry."

Gary Singleton

Sr. Pastor, The Heights Baptist Church

Racing Accomplishments

Steve Wise had a racing career unlike any other racer in the history of the American Motorcycle Association. The last few years of his racing career are what set him apart from every other rider who has ever raced an AMA professional sanctioned event. Steve is the only rider in history to stand in victory circle in 6 major forms of AMA (American Motorcycle Association) professional racing.

There were one or more times in each of the racing events listed below where Steve stood in victory circle:

AMA Motocross

Tex Am 250cc Series Champion AMA Motocross – 125cc National Championship

AMA Motocross

250cc National Championship

AMA Motocross

Trans Am Race

AMA Motocross


AMA–FIM Motocross

250cc World Championship Grand Prix

AMA Winston Cup

Grand National Championship–TT

AMA Superbike

Road Race

AMA Grand National Championship

Formula One Road Race

AMA Formula 1 Road Race

Daytona 200

AMA–1980 & 1981 ABC TV’s The Superbikers

2-Time Champion


AMA Professional Athlete of the Year


Inducted into Motocross Action Hall of Fame


Inducted into AMA (American Motorcycle Association) Hall of Fame


Inducted into the RGV (Rio Grande Valley) Sports Hall of Fame

Steve is most proud of the Silver Cup awarded him by the AMA as Professional Athlete of the Year for his stellar year in 1982, when he accomplished what no AMA racer had done or has done even to this day.

In Steve’s eyes the most important accomplishment from his years of professional racing is ongoing. Twenty years ago Steve started the very popular, “AMA Ministry to the Pro’s,” but with the strenuous demands of travel, along with raising his children at the time, he decided to turn his ministry over to another organization. To this day the Motorcycle Ministry to the Pro’s he pioneered is still active and growing, but only now with AMA Pastor Hudson. Steve is content to know that his accomplishments in professional racing are still speaking in the world today.

Steve now travels extensively across the country sharing his Faith in Christ at race tracks, motorcycle industry events, Churches and other venues. Most weekends he can be found sharing the Good News somewhere throughout the Country.

If you would like to have him speak at your church or group, please contact us.

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